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What are we?

The Student Council of the School of Computer Engineering (ETSI - Escuela Técnica Superior de Informática) is the highest representative body of the students of our School.

About us

We are students from all different grades of our school committed to our students' development, both academically and personally. We seek to fight for a quality education, and so that the students' voices are heard.

How can you be a part of the Council?

To join the Council, it is only necessary to belong to one of the following representative bodies:

· Representatives of Subjects and Department
· Academic and Quality Commission
· School Board
· Cloister

However, it is not necessary to belong to the Council to be able to actively participate in it. Any interested person is welcome, come join us!

What do we do?

The Student Council works to represent the students in the different organizations of our school, defend the interests and rights of the students, and guide them by answering their questions and clarifying their rights and obligations.

We are open to awnser any of your questions; do not hesitate to contact us! The Council also makes decisions about future activities organized at the center, such as Hackers Week (our Cultural Week), the Role-playing Days and other activities such as hackathons and conferences. Proposals are accepted!

Another of our most important functions is to form a bridge between students and the rest of the university community, both at level of our school and at the level of the University of Malaga through  CEUMA (Student Council of the UMA - Consejo de Estudiantes de la UMA).

Last but not least, we also take care of representing students in other representative bodies at the state level, either in RITSI (Meeting of Students of Technical Engineering and Superiors in Computer Science - Reunión de Estudiantes de Ingenierías Técnicas y Superiores en Informática) or in CEEIBIS (State Council of Engineering Students Biomedical and Health Engineering - Consejo Estatal de Estudiantes de Ingeniería Biomédica e Ingeniería de la Salud).


Office: Technological Complex - 3.2.B.1
Tel: 95 21 33300

Social networks

Instagram: @consejoinfuma

Twitter: @ConsejoInfUMA



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