Incoming students (Erasmus+ or international mobility)

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If you are (or intend to be) an incoming student nominated to the School of Industrial Engineering, please, take the time to read this information.

Quick links

General information

  • Contact. Make an effort to address the right question to the right people. Read on the rest of this page.
    • Check the spam folder!!! I have been told that often my messages are marked as spam, especially by gmail.
    • Contact the International Office of the University for general issues and the Algoria platform (see below).
    • Contact the Coordinator of the appropriate School/Faculty for issues about courses of other Schools.
    • Questions of the kind "which is the mail of that office?" will definitely go unanswered. Use google.
    • You are welcome to contact the Coordinator only after you reasonably have discarded that your question is not someone else's responsiblity. Mention in your message that you have read this page and followed this advice. See below the mail address of the Coordinator (me).
  • Application. Exchange programs are managed by your home Institution, that will send nominations to the International Office of the University. We at the School neither accept nor answer individual applications from students.

Before the mobility

  • Guide. Please read the Guide for incoming students on the International Office web site.
  • Courses in English. This is the list of courses taught in English in our School. Be aware that essentially all courses are taught in Spanish and you cannot realistically expect to configure a Learning Agreement without some knowledge of Spanish. You have to apply for the specific group in English among all the groups that the course is divided in.
  • Algoria web platform. The Algoria platform for registering your pre-enrolment is managed by the International Office. We at the School of Industrial Engineering do not participate at all in the nomination process until your pre-enrolment at Algoria is finished. Contact the International Office for any technical question about Algoria.
  • Learning Agreement. We neither need nor check the document of the LA. Only if you need it for your home University, you can upload it to the Algoria platform, where it will be electronically signed by the Coordinator. We will not sign LAs sent by email, only through Algoria. Any LA signed before the pre-enrolment is not valid if it does not match the information at Algoria.
  • Schools
    • You must take at least 50% of your courses in the School of Industrial Engineering.
    • Notice that some Faculties are in a different, distant Campus, most notably the Faculty of Economics. You will find very difficult to configure a reasonable schedule if you choose courses from both Campus.
    • If you are unable to find suitable courses (because of language or whatever reason) consider the possibility to ask your home Institution to change your nomination to a different School.
  • Non credit-granting courses. The Spanish course taught by the Centro Internacional de Español is not within the syllabus of an official Degree, thus it cannot be selected on Algoria, and it will not appear on the Transcript of Records.
  • Unavailable courses. In principle you can choose any course that appears to you in Algoria, but errors do occur, so take into account:
    • No-teaching courses. Some courses only exist formally and are not really taught.
      • Check the timetables on the web site of the School, tab "Calendario - Horarios". If you cannot find the schedule of a course, maybe it is not taught.
      • If a course has no teacher assigned, maybe it is not taught.
      • Be suspicious of Master courses with codes starting at 8. These courses probably do not exist (there is no 8th year). 
      • If in doubt, ask the Coordinator before selecting courses in Algoria. 
    • Final Project (Trabajo Fin de Grado / Máster). In principle, we do not accept incoming students to include the Bachelor's Thesis in their agreement, because we cannot guarantee that they find a suitable topic and supervisor.
    • Internships / Placements (Prácticas). We do not accept incoming students to include courses that consist in placements in external companies (Prácticas en Empresas), because we do not have any mechanism to provide a suitable placement.

At the School of Industrial Engineering

  • Course choices.
    • Review your course choices in Algoria before requesting validation
    • I cannot emphasize this enough: review your course choices. Take your time, check the timetables, read about unavailable courses above, and be reasonably sure that your course choice is right before requesting validation. Correcting wrong course selection causes a tremendous administrative burden.
    • The syllabus of all courses in our School is here.
    • Courses can be identified by its 3-digit code and the Degree it belongs to. The first digit is the year within the Degree.
    • Timetables. The schedules of each Degree are published on the web site of the School, tab "Calendario - Horarios". Check the timetables before selecting courses in Algoria.
    • Notice that some courses (especially in first and second year) are taught in several Degrees, and you can choose the most convenient group to match your timetable or the semester you are going to stay with us.
    • We do not enforce any restriction in the courses that incoming students can choose from our School, either by Degree, year or whatever.
    • You cannot choose the same course more than once, even if it is taught in different Degrees, possibly with different names.
    • In particular, you are encouraged to not choosing English courses in different Degrees (English applied to Mechanics, English applied to Electronics, etc), just because they are the only courses taught in English. We are a School of Engineering, please choose Engineering courses.
  • Academic calendar. It is published on the web site of the School, tab "Calendario - Horarios" or directly at this link. Note that each Faculty may have a (slightly) different calendar.
  • Timetables. The schedules of each Degree are published on the web site of the School, tab "Calendario - Horarios". See also the informative document: further details of the schedule of each course will be communicated by the teacher(s).
  • Learning platform. It is essential that you are registered at Campus Virtual.
    • The platform Campus Virtual, based in Moodle, hosts many didactic activities, including materials, tests, project delivery, etc. 
    • Once your pre-enrolment at Algoria is complete, you should automatically (after a couple of days) have access to Campus Virtual.
  • Groups.
    • Many courses are divided in several groups, possibly with different teachers and class timetables.
    • Always talk personally with your teacher and check that you are assigned to the desired group:
      • You should appear in the Campus Virtual listing of that group
      • You should appear in the teacher's offficial listing (called Alfil)
    • Keep reading if the assigned group does not match your timetable preferences.
  • Group changes. We will admit all group change applications based on timetable conflicts.
    • Deadline: September 18th, 2023.
    • Application form:
      • Courses in EnglishForm. Also mention your University of origin, even if it is not included in the form.
      • Courses in SpanishForm.
    • Application procedure: send the form to the Secretary of the School in (only) one of these ways:
      • In person (first floor), giving the form signed on paper.
      • To the Secretary mail: Please send the message from your @uma address (if you already have one) or an institutional address of your home University otherwise (do not use private providers such as @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail, etc).
      • Through the Academic Portal, at the option “Consulta Administrativa”, choosing in the query form the type of application: "Solicitud de docencia en inglés" (English) or "Cambio de grupo" (Spanish). (If you do not already have an @uma address, you will probably not have access to the Academic Portal).
    • Resolution:
      • We will assign you to the desired group and only contact you in case of any problem.
      • Meanwhile, inform the teacher that you have requested a group change. They can include you manually in their Campus Virtual until your application is processed, so that you do not miss activities.

After the mobility

  • All documents are issued by the International Office.
  • Transcript of Records
    • Read the Guide.
    • The Transcript of Records will be only available when professors have uploaded all the grades and the General Secretary has signed this document.
    • Even if you can see your grades, there may be some delay until they appear in the ToR.
    • If, after waiting some days, you think there is some problem, ask the International Office.


  • Coordinator. Contact Miguel Atencia if you still have questions after reading the information on this page and the Guide.
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