Doctoral Program in Mechatronics Engineering

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Interested in a Mechatronics PhD? Information here.  


Programme name:  Programa de Doctorado en Ingeniería Mecatrónica por la Universidad de Málaga
Level: Doctorate (Nivel MECES 4)
Faculty/school where it is taught:  Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales
Branch: Architecture and Engineering 
Languages: Español, Inglés  
Number of places offered: 18 (up to 30% part-time)   Número de plazas ofertadas: 18 (hasta 30% a tiempo parcial)   
Interuniversity: No
ISCED1: Electronics and automation
ISCED2: Engineering and engineering trades 



The PhD program in Mechatronics Engineering is the continuation of the PhD programs with similar names that have been taught continuously at the University of Malaga since 1994, and which have obtained recognition for their quality in the various calls that have arisen throughout this period. For example, the program obtained the reference of Quality Program in the early and isolated call of 1995. Subsequently, it obtained the MENTION OF QUALITY in 2006, MCD2006-00114 for the Mechatronics Engineering program approved in accordance with RD 778/1998 and in force for the academic years 2006-2007 to 2009-2010. During 2009, the Doctoral Program in MECHATRONIC ENGINEERING is taught, verified as a doctoral program with teaching period not belonging to any MASTER, according to RD. 1393/2007. In 2010 the current Master's Degree in MECHATRONIC ENGINEERING was verified, which constitutes the teaching period of the DOCTORATE PROGRAM in MECHATRONIC ENGINEERING verified according to RD 1393/2007. This program, which is currently in force, has obtained in 2011 the MENTION TOWARDS EXCELLENCE (MEE 2011-0108) valid for the academic years 2011-2012 to 2013-2014.


Research Lines:

  • Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems. Robótica y Control Inteligente.
  • Fluid Mechanics, Smart Materials and Structures. Mecánica de Fluidos y Materiales y Estructuras Inteligentes.
  • Smart Electrical and Electronic Systems. Sistemas Eléctricos y Electrónicos Inteligentes.
  • High Performance Computing. Computación de Altas Prestaciones. 


Academic coordination:




Official information:



  • April 10, 2024


    Speaker:  Prof. Eduardo De Francesco, Se.Te.L Group (Italia), Politecnico di Torino

    Title: MAR - Multipurpose Amphibious Rover
    Date & Time: Thursday, 11 April, 11:00.
    Venue: Room 0.25 (EII)
    Abstract: The expertise on complex system and the R&D activities allows to conceive, design, patent and develop a new-generation of Amphibious Robot Vehicle. Its name is MAR – Multipurpose Amphibious Rover and it is now the core activity of our R&D group. The Rover offers the advantage of avoiding human personnel exposure to the risks of the environment and often allows performance superior to the equivalent “manned” vehicle, since it does neither need the necessary space for man nor the consequent protective devices.    
     • The theoretical model (5 minutes)•The parts composing the Rover (5 minutes)• The technology (10 minutes)• Pro’s and Con’s (10 minutes)• Application Fields ( 20 minutes)• Prototype vs preseries (10 minutes)• Questions and answer

  • April 8, 2024


    Defensa de Tesis Doctoral de Mercedes Garcia Salguero, que se celebrará el próximo viernes 12 a las 11:30h.
    Título: "Certifiable Algorithms for 3D Computer Vision Problems"
    Director: Javier Gonzalez Jimenez
    Programa de Doctorado: Ingeniería Mecatrónica Línea: Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems. Robótica y Control Inteligente.
    Fecha y hora de la defensa: Viernes 12 abril 2024, 11:30h
    Lugar: Sala de Grados B, E.T.S. Ingeniería Informática.
  • April 2, 2024

    • Título: "EFFICIENT MOTION PLANNING FOR MOBILE MANIPULATION IN PLANETARY EXPLORATION" (Tesis realizada en régimen de cotutela con la Universidad de Bremen - Alemania)
    • Doctorando/a: Paz Delgado, Gonzalo Jesús
    • Dirección: Carlos Jesús Pérez del Pulgar Mancebo, Frank Kirchner
    • Programa de Doctorado: Ingeniería Mecatrónica
    • Fecha y hora de la defensa: 03/04/2024     10:00 horas
    • Lugar: Salón de Grados B. Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales
  • Jan. 28, 2021


    Hemos publicado un documento que da respuesta a las principales consultas relacionadas con el acceso y permanencia en nuestro programa:

    Preguntas frecuentes sobre el PD en Ingeniería Mecatrónica

    Además, antes de solicitar el acceso al Programa es necesario leer el Reglamento de Estudios de Doctorado de la UMA y conocer las Principales Obligaciones de los Doctorandos del PD en Ingeniería Mecatrónica.

    Calendario de pre-inscripción: Calendario preinscripc...

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