Curricular internship 2016/2017

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Internship aimed to second course students of Translation and Interpreting, school year 2016-2017 (CLOSED)

Name: Curricular internship 

Total hours: 80 hours (45 in person – 35 distance work)

Number of places: 2

Starting date: January 2017

End date: September 2017

Schedule and availability: flexible

Main language: Spanish/English (French knowledge is appreciated)

Coordinates: University of Malaga’s Translation and Interpreting Department

Tasks to develop:

  • Spanish/English translation of the content on Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic studies web and other platforms
  • Spanish/English translation of corporate and business event material of the Aula
  • Informative and documentary search in English and Spanish about Transatlantic comparative studies, texts translation to Spanish
  • Informative search about foreign universities and academic centres related to Transatlantic Studies. 
  • International Relations with foreign universities
  • Support to the Multilanguage events organization
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