International Committee of Universities and Collaborating Centres of AMZET

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2016 -  General Foundation of the University of  Málaga (FGUMA)

FGUMA is a legal and private organization that promotes diverse activities, courses, conferences and prizes related to languages, science, culture and arts in order to collaborate with the University of Malaga and its students on the look-out for excellence and contribution in the knowledge transfer to society. Memorandum of understanding (Spanish)


2016 - Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico (UMET)

The Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico is a private university based in San Juan (Puerto Rico, USA). It has three university centres located in Aguadilla, Bayamón and Jayuya, and it offers academic services in Orlando, Florida. Memorandum of understanding (Spanish)

Contact person: Mrs. Olga A. Figueroa Miranda


2016 - International Center for Advanced Studies in Communications for Latin America (CIESPAL)

The International Centre of Communication Higher Studies for Latin America (CIESPAL) was born in 1959 in Paris, during the 10th General Conference of UNESCO with the aim of promoting the critical examination of communication as a scientific discipline in Latin America. Memorandum of understanding (Spanish)

Contact person: Phd. Francisco Sierra Caballero


2016 - National University of Misiones  (UNaM) 

The National University of Misiones (UNaM) is a public Argentinean university located in the city of Posadas (Misiones, Argentina). Among their aims, we found the regional integration process promotion and internationalization, taking part in every initiative that improves the region and the world development. Memorandum of understanding (Spanish)

Contact person: Mgr. Gisela Belén Montiel 


2012 - University of South Florida (USF) 

The University of South Florida (USF), located in Tampa (Florida, USA) is one of the greatest American public universities. Nowadays it has a great influence in global academic research. Memorandum of understanding (Spanish)

Contact person: Phd. Madeline Cámara

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