4th International Workshop of Transatlantic Studies

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"Exile, migration, asylum and forced displacement"


The objective of this scientific meeting, in which national and international researchers and experts participate, is to discuss the human movements that have developed throughout recent history, starting with the phenomenon of political and ideological exile, passing through economic migration, and ending with today's forced displacement: asylum and refuge.


There will be three round tables: the first will deal with exile, the second with migration, and the third with forced displacement, asylum and refuge. Each one of the participants will have approximately 20 minutes of presentation to make a reflection, including analysis and proposals, from their specialty. After each round table, the rapporteurs will draw the main conclusions on the topic of discussion.

Date and place:

  • May 10th: Inauguration: 10.30 am, Meeting Room of the Rectorate of the University of Malaga, Cervantes Avenue 2, 29616, Malaga. First day: 12.15 pm, Centro de Estudios sobre el Exilio, Palacio Square 1, 29700, Vélez-Málaga.
  • May 11th: Second day: 09.00, Judicial Chamber of the Faculty of Law of the University of Malaga, Louis Pasteur Boulevard 26, 29071, Malaga. 


Open to anyone who is interested in the relations that take place between the two sides of the Atlantic, particularly historical, political and cultural. 


By sending an email to the address


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