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The Secretariat of the Faculty is located on the ground floor of the building.

Phone: 952 133 237 and 952 133 238.
Fax: 952 133 263.

The opening hours are from 9 to 14 pm Monday to Friday and from 16 to 18 hours Monday to Thursday.

This schedule will be modified during non-teaching periods and be announced on the notice boards of the Secretariat.



The concierge of the Faculty of Tourism is located on the ground floor next to the main entrance and is a general information point and offers guidance point to the user. At the rear of the building is a second concierge’s office which operates mainly in the afternoon.

Main office - Telephones: 952132932-952132901
Concierge: 952133227



The Faculty of Tourism has classrooms for teaching, an auditorium, language laboratory, computer rooms and a library.


Located on the first floor, it has 50 seats, 25 of which are audioactivo-audioactivo and 25 audioactivo-comparatives. All posts have Multilab Plus, with digital control panel, microphone ROYCAN RC-100 M with stereo headphones and built-in high sensitivity microphone, cabin furniture and ergonomic chairs.



The tasting room has 11 tasting booths that meet the specifications of size and equipment of the UNE 87004 "Sensory Analysis. Guide for the installation of a test room’. It also has an adjacent laboratory fitted with hot and cold air-conditioning, a small refrigerator, an oven/stove and extractor and an ultrasonic bath. It is equipped with a red light to mask the color of the samples.



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On the second floor is the boardroom.


On the second floor is the boardroom. It has a distinctive, large, round window that dominates the main facade of the building. This room also has internet network connectors and sockets for television.

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Located on the ground floor, it offers reading desks in the main hall. It has 13,560 monographs and 258 periodicals



The classrooms are located on the first floor and have free access for students. The computers have Hospitality and Tourism software installed: Maitre, Servihotel, Fidelio, FinHotel, Orbis Travel Agencies’ software, etc., in addition to integrated packages for conventional office technology and others for specific subjects such as Econometrics Views, SPSS, Contaplus, ArcInfo, etc.

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Situated on the ground floor, the main hall holds 406 people. It has a one-person simultaneous translation system with the corresponding booth for interpreters.

There is retractable projection equipment and large mechanical screen. The equipment comes complete with an 180w stereo, eight 20 W sound system columns power and four 5" speakers with fixed and dynamic handheld microphones.

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The reprography service is in the basement of the main hall. It is accessed from outside the building, either entering by the side or down the internal staircase next to the main hall.

Hours - Monday to Friday 9:00 to 14:00 pm and 16:00 to 19:00



 Located on the ground floor, the building has a large cafeteria which is also used as a canteen.

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