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PhD Juan Antonio García Galindo

PhD in Contemporary History, tenured Professor of Journalism and ex-Dean of the Faculty of Communication Science of the University of Malaga. He is specialized in Theory and History of Journalism, his work is focused on the history of journalism and communication during the 20th century. Over the last years, his work has been focused on the socio-professional history of journalism, on the intercultural communication and on the changes in Journalism and Communication in the current social, political and technological transformation context.

He has recently started a new research on Analysis of Current International Affairs, especially regarding the transatlantic space (Europe-Latin America-United States). He has published Estudios Transatlánticos: en torno a un proyecto académico interuniversitario (Tampa, USA, 2014), about transatlantic studies focused mainly on an inter-university academic project. He also manages the María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies (Aula María Zambrano de Estudios Transatlánticos) of the University of Malaga.

Currently, he is also Vice Chancellor of Institutional Politics in the University of Malaga, President of ATIC (Spanish Association of Universities offering Information and Communication Courses), Vice-president of the French Society of Hispanists P.I.L.A.R, and Proffesor-tutor of the UNED (Long Distance Education National University). He has also been President of the Faculty of Communication and Information Science Dean Conference, President of the Spanish Association of Communication Historians and Vice-president of Asibercom (Iberoamerican Association of Communication researchers) and collaborates with the journal La Opinión de Málaga.

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