Iber-Red 2030 Agenda Objectives

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With the implementation of this Network we intend to achieve the following objectives:

1. Promote a multidisciplinary research venue for the study of the Ibero-American space and specifically the role of Spain and Portugal in the European and American contexts within the framework of the SDGs of the Agenda 2030.

2. Establish the current and historical lines that influence this conglomerate of relations in order to issue specialized articles resulting from the scientific study of the researchers that make up the Network.

3. To promote knowledge and debate in all academic forums where we have the opportunity to present the results, be they papers, communications, etc.

4. To continue contributing to this field, increasing the number of collaborators from Spain, Portugal and the countries of Ibero-America, who, from their disciplines, help to improve and increase knowledge about the purpose of this Network.

5. Influence the dissemination and inclusion of the SDGs and the Agenda 2030 in the academic context, but also in society in general, thanks to dissemination activities and different communication actions, thus contributing our grain of sand in the achievement of these global challenges.

6. To promote meeting points and dialogue, taking into account diversity and democratic principles, and to defend fairer social, political and economic models.

And above all, to contribute to the reconstruction of international relations in a scenario of coexistence, balance, cooperation and solidarity that serves to confront the problems of our time.

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