Mission, vision and values

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Following the path already opened by literature and cultural studies, our mission lies on the development of the Compared Transatlantic Studies from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, which offers a global view of what happens in this part of the world and which also contributes to the formulation of new questions and solutions to the problems we share.


The María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies aims to become a reference for teaching and research staff, experts and students that are interested in this field. We want to promote research from this point of view, creating a specific space of knowledge. All in all, the María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies hopes to be an active part in the scientific debate, contributing with a global view of reality that helps us to understand the relations and exchanges that take place in this area. 


The values are:

  • To contribute with an integral view, away from the ethnocentrism and cultural hegemony.
  • To foster meeting points and dialogue, taking into account flexibility, diversity and democratic principles.
  • To defend social, political and economic models that are more just and equal.
  • And, above all, to help the rebuilding of international relations in an environment of coexistence, balance, cooperation and solidarity to deal with today’s burning issues.
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