The María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies UMA – ATECH launched the first issue of its journal, Transatlantic Studies Network (TSN), in Sala de Juntas del Rectorado last morning. This journal, both digital and biannual, compiles several essays about International Studies and it is co-published along with the Studies Group about Communication and Information Society (E-Com) (Grupo de Estudios sobre Comunicación y Sociedad de la Información).

Vice Chancellor of Strategic Projects Víctor F. Muñoz Martínez hosted the opening of the presentation ceremony. He highlighted that both the Center and the journal launched that day are still part both of Andalucía TECH and the Vice-Rectorate that he oversees himself. Moreover, Juan Antonio García Galindo —head of the María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies and this journal—, explained in detail this new project highlighting the fact that its main objective it is not to “become prestigious but to share ideas, solutions and thoughts”.

Likewise, the publisher of TSN Antonio Cuartero Naranjo made a brief explanation of the issue. He exposed the content and the different sections of the journal, explaining that their intention is to create “a journal that combines the academic content with a transatlantic vision”.

Proffesors and experts in academic scopes related to the Transatlantic Field attented the presentation ceremony as well as several contributors of the first issue such as proffesors M. ª Belén Zayas, Marion Reder, Manuel Galeote or Ángel Valencia, among others.

Transatlantic Studies Network supports the debate and the academic reflection about different fields related to the Trasantlantic Studies.