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Main web page for Dr. Miguel A. G. Aranda (updated March 2018)

Full Name:   
Miguel Angel García Aranda

Date and place of birth:  
February-8 1966, Málaga

Working address:
 ALBA synchrotron, CELLS
 Carretera BP 1413, Km. 3,3
 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain

Departamento de Química Inorgánica.
Facultad de Ciencias. Campus de Teatinos. Calle de León Tolstoi s/n.
Universidad de Málaga. 29071 Málaga. Spain.

               Phone:                          Email:
CELLS:    Int-34-935924305          g.aranda /at/ cells.es
UMA:       Int-34-952131874          g_aranda /at/ uma.es

Web pages:

Curriculum vitaes:

Short version in EnglishShort version in Spanish.


Present position:  Scientific Director of Spanish synchrotron ALBA (from January-2013)   www.cells.es
                          (with a secondment of University of Malaga)

Past position:       Professor (June-2011 - December-2012)
Past position:       Associate Professor (1999-2011)
Past position:       Assistant Professor (1993-1999)

(Former scientific advisor for 'Large Facilities' for 'Dirección General de Cooperación Internacional y Relaciones Institucionales' of the Spanish Research Ministry)

Education degrees:
1992: D. Phil. in Chemistry; University of Málaga
1988: B.A. in Chemistry; University of Málaga

Pre-doctoral experience:
Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, University of Oxford, U.K. (1989-1991).
7 months, during three summer research stays.

Post-doctoral experience:
Chemistry department, University of Cambridge, U.K. (1992-1993).
15 months

H-index (Hirsch): 45 for ISI Web of Knowledge (March-19, 2018).
4 'Sexenios': 1989-1994; 1995-2000; 2001-2006; 2007-2012; next evaluation: December-2018.
5 'Quinquenios' 1989-1993; 1994-1998; 1999-2003; 2004-2008;
2009-2013; next evaluation: December-2018.
5 'Tramos autonómicos' next evaluation: unknown.

Working methodology: kaizen & 'work smarter not harder'

'Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought' (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)

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