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Teatinos is the heart of the University, comprising most of the schools and services. As a modern and functional campus, it is an example of Málaga's young lifestyle and a well connected area to the city centre.
The recent expansion and development undergone in Teatinos inluded the construction of cutting-edge facilities and laboratories to carry out high quality research and technological projects, thus assuring higher education provision at our University.

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Located next to the historic city centre, this campus comprises the School of Fine Arts, the School of Economics and Business, and the Higher Technical School of Architecture.
In addition, this campus also comprises the University Council building (Pabellón de Gobierno), the University's Auditorium, and the Cánovas Theatre. Therefore, El Ejido Campus represents a reference point of knowledge and culture which is located in the urban centre of the city.

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In turn, some of the University's activities are carried out in other strategic locations throughout the city and province; thus, this network of knowledge is present in key points such as the city's business centre, Andalusia's Technology Park, and in other cities such as Ronda and Antequera.



Situated below the Alcazaba and opposite the Park and Port of Malaga is the Recorate's Building. Due to its cultural and architectural values, this building constitutes a cultural, social, and academic reference at the city centre.
Moreover, the School of Health Sciences, the Centre of Spanish for Speakers of Other Laguages, the Provincial Council's subsidised Nursing School, and the Grice-Hutchinson Experimental Centre are also located in the city.

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Andalusia's Technology Park comprises a great number of agenices and international companies focused on new technologies and innovation. At this same location we can find the Media Technology and Didactic Resources Centre, as well as the Research Results Transfer Office (Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de la Investigación). Our University's infrastructure also includes the Bio-Innovation Centre, Ronda's subsidised Nursing School, Antequera's Teacher Training School, and La Mayora's Experimental Site.

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