3rd International Workshop of Transatlantic Studies - 2016 Misiones (Argentina)

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"Málaga and Misiones Workshop. Dialogue and multicultural Regions"

This workshop "Málaga and Misiones, Regions of Dialogue and Multiculturalism" held at the National University of Misiones (UNaM), is the first activity that this entity performs as a focal point in Argentina of the Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies UMA - ATECH. This Workshop aims to establish dialogues between both countries and explore the career, both personal and professional, of María Zambrano.


The UNaM launches this joint work space with the University of Málaga, taking advantage of the presence in Missions of professors Teresa Vera and Carmen Romo of the University of Malaga. The event will be attended by the chancellor of the UNaM, Mgter. Javier Gortari, the Head of International Relations and Regional Integration, Ing. Miguel Angel López and Mgter. Gisela Belén Montiel - RieIR UNaM. After the formal opening, there will be a panel with the participation of Dr. Vera Vera and Carmen Romo of the University of Málaga (Spain), and by Missions will participate the Mgter. Marina G. de Arjol, Chancellor of the National University of Alto Uruguay (Argentina) and Dr. Roberto Abinzano, Researcher of the National University of Misiones (Argentina). Moderation will be in charge of the Mgter. Diana Arellano.

Date and place:

  • 5th of July: 9:00 a.m. Multicultural Center "La Estación". Costanera de Posadas.


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Video of the 3rd Workshop (Spanish)

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