Consumers should be considered at the heart of the energy system and become active market players. The future private consumer should be more aware, active, energy sufficient, as well as being a prosumer producing energy for their own consumption, where this is possible. Furthermore, in view of the rise in energy prices, consumers are spending an increasing share of their income on energy, with estimates stating that more than 50 million Europeans are affected by energy poverty. Energy efficiency, energy savings and increased use of locally produced, including own produced, renewable energy are key tools in addressing fuel poverty.

In this context, engagement actions are needed across Europe in order to achieve behavioural change towards more sustainable choices and decisions for energy. This includes increasing and understanding consumer 'apetite' for higher efficiency products.

Although awareness on the benefits of collective consumer action in the field of EE and RES has increased in past years, such action is still hampered by a number of barriers, including financial and regulatory barriers and inconsistencies in grid integration practice. In addition, insufficient use of relevant ICT solutions and insufficient understanding of energy bills contribute to hampering the achievement of a more sustainable energy system.


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  • Closing date: 15 September 2016 17:00:00
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Thursday, 15 September, 2016
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  • Name: Mikel Irujo Amezaga
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Tuesday, 28 June, 2016