TRIPS – Transportation Resilience & Innovation Platform for Societal benefit


Outline To work on a collaborative platform that embraces a multi modal approach to user defined transport planning solutions, that not only meet the needs of a user in terms the A to B journey, but further encapsulate areas of social innovation, social enterprise and health and wellbeing. 


Building on its successful social enterprise model and application that enables predictive transportation solutions to be offered to a counties citizens, Network Northamptonshire are looking for European partners to strengthen its current team with a view to rolling out a pan European trial on the procurement of public services that meet the needs of social and wellbeing metrics.


Quite often solutions are procured in isolation, with little attention being paid to the holistic picture of a conurbations needs. The TRIPS platform will take open and closed data, encapsulated within a predictive app (Facebook of transport) that will define links to transport across varying modes (i.e. bus, taxi, train, place, hire car, care share, e-bike etc) and leverage associated services such as but not limited to car parking, health clubs, restaurant booking and social events. The app concept can leverage information such as but not limited to, real time multi-modal traffic information, carbon emissions (chose to walk in cleaner air), social information (smart city information on events and goings on in the city), predict events in a persons own life through accessing calendars, trigger / nudge behaviours through a gamification approach to engaging users with the smart city, whilst delivering alternative solutions such as noted above to a cities resident. Further, it can be dove tailed to a cities services, for example a doctor making an appointment for a patient at hospital can also pre-book transport for same. There is a social aspect of TRIPs which through the nudge/gamification approach gifting back to users for modal shift or behaviour change, with the gifts accruing points which can be leveraged off of a cities services such as a coffee or bus ticket, or even being used to donate to local charities, making it a true ‘societal benefit’ application.


This holistic approach to transportation booking in a multi modal sense through a big data procurement cloud will bring about savings, make purchasing decisions for local authorities more sustainable and synergistic, permit end users to make decisions based on a holistic platform that will take into account a myriad of transport solutions, assist in creating greater health and wellbeing outputs based upon engagement with targeted residents and give greater overall profitability to service providers.


  • MG 4.1 2017
  • Feb 2017 (Internal deadline for partners August 2016 – bid write up December 2016)
30 months
Partners involved
University of Northampton , University of Hertfordshire, Gdansk School of banking, Northampton County Council, IgoWego, CoreThree
Partners type and roles of interest

European academic faculties, European local authorities, transport operators and data experts

Financial aspects
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Monday, 1 August, 2016
Contact person(s)
  • Name: Liam Fassam
  • Organisation: University of Northampton
  • Telephone number: +44 1604 892036
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Date of publication
Sunday, 10 July, 2016