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During the 2020/2021 academic year, the online application procedure for the defence of the Degree/Master Thesis will continue to be in force:

1. Complete the application within the established deadlines (as indicated in the Calendar section of this page) using this electronic form in which you must upload a compressed file that includes:

a) Electronic copy of the Bachelor/Master Thesis report in PDF format.
b) Declaration of originality of the work submitted signed by the student.
c) Application form completed with the student's details, which includes the favourable report that the tutor must sign digitally in order to submit the Bachelor/Master Thesis and the commitment to deposit or send two copies of the report (bound as indicated in the Memory section of this page) to the Secretary's Office as soon as the situation allows.

2. Optionally, if the student wants to make additional material related to the Bachelor/Master Thesis available to the examining board, he/she can indicate in the form the URL of the shared folder (or git repository, etc.) that he/she wants to share with the examining board.

3. The Form does not accept .zip files larger than 10MB. In case the Student needs to upload a larger file, he/she must place it in a shared folder (Google Drive, OneDrive, ...) and specify the URL of that folder in the electronic Form.

As for the Bachelor/Master Thesis defence, in principle it will be face-to-face unless one of the parties involved (student or members of the tribunal) is in any of the exceptional situations related to COVID-19 that the University of Malaga contemplates, in which case the presentation will be made by videoconference. In any case, even if there is no person affected who officially forms part of this risk group, the selection board, if it deems it appropriate, may decide that the presentation will be held by videoconference. When, in the end, the defence of the Bachelor/Master Thesis is carried out remotely, the protocol for the application and defence of Bachelor/Master Thesis during the exceptional situation due to COVID-19, approved by the School Board in May 2020, will be applicable.



The current regulations for Master Thesis at Telecommunications School are as follows:

- Bachelor Thesis regulations [ETSIT]
- Bachelor Thesis regulations [UMA]


Academic year 2022/2023

Calendar for the Master Thesis

Academic year 2021/2022

- Calendar for the Master Thesis

More information

Master in Telecommunication Engineering
Master in Telematics and Telecommunication Networks
Master in Electronics Systems for Intelligent Environments
Master in Acoustic Engineering

Defence dates

In the following link you can consult the next defence dates for the Master Theses:

Bachelor/Master Thesis defence dates

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