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Welcome to the School for Telecommunications Engineering – we offer interesting programs in Electrical Engineering with different degrees program focusing on communication systems, electronics, sound and video, and telematics.                          

General Information

For general information about the University of Málaga, and the enrolment procedures please refer to the University’s page for incoming students. They have very good student guides which are updated every academic year, including a fact sheet that you should read. They also maintain a list of all the subjects that are taught in English at the University.

Studying at our School

In the following you will find some useful link to plan your stay:

Academic calendar:  shows the semester dates and the examination periods.

- We offer subjects in english, as well as “English friendly” subjects that provide course materials, office hours and exams in English. Please check this document about English and English friendly subjects.

- To get an overview of our academic offer follow this link.

- To see the full list of subjects at our school, follow

NOTE: Some optional subjects may not be offered in a given academic year. Please consult the Vicedean of Mobility ( for the specific offer of optional subjects.

- To find the schedule of a specific subject please check to which bachelor’s degree it belongs, and in which year it is taught. Then check the “teaching calendars”. The per-subject examination calendar can be found here.

Contact information

For general questions about mobility programs and enrolment procedures please check the documentation at the University’s page for incoming students and their contact section.

If you have question about the specific subjects taught at our School, please contact us at

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