Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Telecomunicación de la Universidad de Málaga ('TELMA')

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The mission of the TELMA Institute is to create an environment of research, training and transfer in the field of telecommunications from the award-winning international excellence of its members.

- We carry out telecommunication research oriented to the local and the global business world.

- We promote the culture of innovation as an underlying tool for an effective transfer of knowledge from the academic world to the productive sector.

- We have developed a strategy of collaborative work with the industry that allows us the technological anticipation essential to create a continuous flow of transfer in the areas of interest of our partner companies.

- We create a business network of high added value with the commercial application of the knowledge generated through technology-based companies born from the Institute itself.

- We develop a training strategy aimed at postgraduates and professionals.

- We have a portfolio of patents in many different fields, as well as a variety of prototypes.

- We participate in international projects with the most renowned companies in the sector.

We understand telecommunication as the transversal engineering that allows to open up any system to the outside world. Far beyond connectivity technologies, we develop research in a wide range of topics including:

-          Communications over all scenarios (wireless, free space, underwater, power line) and technologies (low frequency, microwave, millimetre‐wave, terahertz, lightwave, photonics, acoustics, quantum).

-          Internet of Things, wireless intelligent sensor networks, cellular networks, vehicular systems, satellite constellations.

-          Artificial intelligence for signal processing, communications, network optimization, imaging, energy.

-          Integrated circuits (photonic, microwave, millimetre‐wave).

-          A variety of technologies applied to the areas of health and wellness: biosensors, brain‐computer interfaces, biomedical signal processing, assistive technologies (including robots, ambient intelligence, wearables).

-          Holistic 6G: from the antenna design to end-to-end use cases (e.g., gaming, video 360), over virtualized networks with hardware accelerators.

-          Virtual and extended reality including 3D and haptic interaction, audio spatialization, natural walking navigation.

The TELMA Institute arises from a proposal to modify the Andalusian Institute of Millimeter Waves, created in 1993 by agreement between the Andalusian Government and the University of Malaga (UMA), in order to incorporate the significant increase in the activity of UMA researchers in the field of telecommunications. It is promoted by the following PAIDI research groups:

TIC-102 "Communications Engineering" ('IC').

TIC-125 "Integrated Systems Engineering" ('ISIS')

TIC-171 "Design of Advanced Interfaces" ('DIANA').

Based at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación of the UMA, the project is open to the participation of any researcher or research group of recognized trajectories in the field of telecommunications. Collaboration to new entities and companies at both national and international levels is welcome.

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