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Academic Calendar 2022/2023

The following document shows the academic calendar for the academic year 2022/2023:

Academic calendar for the academic year 2022/2023

Official opening of the academic year

The official opening day of the academic year is pending (this day is a non-teaching day).

Welcome Ceremony

The School will hold the traditional Welcome Ceremony for new students on 13 September from 09:00 to 10:30 in the Assembly Hall of the E.T.S. Telecommunications Engineering.

Zero course

A "zero course" to revise mathematical contents will be offered for new students in the degree courses from 1 September to 29 September according to the following schedule:

- Course Zero Schedule

To register for the course, which is free of charge, it is necessary to be enrolled as a new student in the next academic year 2022/2023 in some of the Degrees taught at the E.T.S. Telecommunications Engineering. All the information related to the zero course (pre-enrolment and enrolment deadlines, place where it takes place, content...) is available in the following room of the Virtual Campus:

> Course Zero room in Virtual Campus

To access the Virtual Campus it is necessary to have obtained the identification in iDUMA. Instructions on how to do this can be found at the following link:

> iDUMA account activation

Once you have the identification and you can access the Virtual Campus, to access the Zero Course Room as a new student in the School you must use the "Guest access" with the password "cursoceroteleco".

Finally, once you have accessed the room, you must follow the instructions indicated there.

Beginning of classes

Classes will begin on 13 September, coinciding with the start of the first semester.


The first semester will begin on 13 September and will end on 22 December.

The second semester will start on 31 January and finish on 12 May.

Examination periods

First ordinary exam period

- First semester subjects: from 9 January to 30 January
- Second semester subjects: from 22 May to 9 June

Second ordinary exam period

- First period (July): 21 June to 30 June
- Second period (September): 1 September to 11 September

Extraordinary call

Only for students in their second or subsequent enrolment:

- First semester subjects: 22 May to 9 June
- Second semester subjects: 9 January to 27 January

Extraordinary end-of-studies call

Only for students in second or subsequent enrolment who meet the conditions required in the assessment rules:

- All subjects: from 1 December to 20 December, in the afternoon and without suspending teaching activities.

Holidays and non-teaching days

In addition to national, regional and local holidays, the following are public holidays:

- School Day: 27 February

The following are also set as non-teaching days:

- Official opening of the academic year: PENDING

- St. Thomas Aquinas' Day: 27 January

- Christmas: from 23 December to 8 January

- Easter: 31 March to 10 April

- Summer: 1 August to 31 August

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