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The University of Málaga offers the possibility to  study a PhD part time, for those students who have a job or are involved in an activity (remunerated or not) which impedes them from dedicating more than 60% of their time to their PhD studies. The admission of a student part time should be evaluated and authorised by the Academic Committee of the corresponding PhD Programme. In this case, this condition will be recognised and registered in the Supervisory Agreement.

In the case of part time studies, the student has a maximum period of five years, starting from their admission onto the programme, until the defence of the PhD thesis. Moreover, the circumstances of these students will be taken into consideration in the planning of the different training and academic activities, including e.g. mobility, with the objective of facilitating the completion of their degree.

Doctoral students can apply to transfer from full time to part time studies. This application should be presented to and justified before the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme, who will then decide whether or not to approve the application. The change should be authorised by all parties who sign the Supervisory Agreement, and will be recognised in this document.

A permanent change in the working conditions or in occupation of a part time doctorate so that they are no longer impeded from studying their PhD full time should notify their tutor of this fact, who will then proceed with the necessary formalities to change the modality of the PhD studies.

Every PhD Programme will publicly announce on its website the maximum permitted percentage of part time doctorates, together with the rest of the entry requirements. Although it greatly depends on the field of knowledge concerned, the specific discipline, and the particularities of each Porgramme; in general the percentage of students that complete their doctorate part time should not be greater than 30% of the total number of students enrolled

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