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UMA's Service Inspection performs its duties on all the University's centres, departments, services, and units as well as on the teaching, research, and administration staff.

Its main mission is to ensure the proper functioning of UMA's services through monitoring and controlling the University's usual activity, without prejudice to the autonomous region's and state's own inspection duties. In all events, it works towards UMA's quality service, better practice, and excellence.

The Service Inspection reports directly to the Rector and enjoys the necessary functional autonomy to perform its duties within the University domain. Thus, the Service Inspection performance follows the Inspection Action Plan (Plan de Actuaciones Inspectoras) which the Rector approves, after having consulted with the University Council, without prejudice to other functions that may have been entrusted by the Rector.

For the fulfillment of its purposes, this Service Inspection acts independently of the authorities and services that it monitors.

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