International Mention in a PhD

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Doctorates at Málaga University may apply, if they wish, for International Mention in their PhD degree. In order to do this the following conditions have to be met:

a) During the period of research the doctorate should have spent at least three months outside Spain in an institute of higher education or a prestigious research centre, either studying or conducting research. The research stay must be endorsed by the thesis tutor and noted in the Activity Register of the doctorate. This research stay need not be for a consecutive period of time, nor completed at the same centre or institution.

b) Part of the PhD thesis, at least the Abstract and the Conclusions must be written and presented in one of the habitual languages that this field of knowledge uses for scientific communication. This should be distinct from the languages that are officially recognised in Spain. This rule does not apply in the case that the research stay, reports and experts are from a Spanish speaking country.

c) The thesis should be previously reported on by two expert doctors belonging to a non-Spanish institute of higher education or research institute.

d) At least one expert from a non-Spanish institute of education or research centre should be a member of the Thesis Committee. They must hold a doctoral degree and not be the person in charge of the research stay mentioned in paragraph a).

Doctorates who wish to obtain International Doctor Mention should apply to the Postgraduate Commission of the University, once their thesis has been completed and at the same time that they apply for authorisation to present and deposit the aforementioned thesis. To this end, the application of presentation and deposit of the thesis should be sent with the application for International Doctor Mention, together with the accreditation of the research stay mentioned in paragraph a) referred to in the previous paragraph.


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