Faculty of Social and Labour Studies

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Faculty of Social and Labour Studies

The Faculty of Social and Labour Studies, in order to adapt to the new European Space for Higher Education, is committed to maintaining the variety of career opportunities related to each qualification. The main objective is to offer more practical teaching which encourages empowerment and participation, thereby enabling students to seize opportunities on the labour market. Worthy of mention is the degree in East Asian Studies, a joint qualification undertaken with the University of Seville and within the framework of the International Campus of Excellence ¨ Andalucía Tech¨.


> Degree in Social Work

> Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources

> Degree in East Asian Studies (specialising in Korean studies)

Degrees in process of elimination:

> Access to the teaching programme

Dean: Ana Rosa del Águila Obra

Address: Francisco Trujillo Villanueva, Teatinos, 29071. Málaga

 Reception - Tel: 951 95 21 50   
Secretary’s office - Tel: 951 95 22 02


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