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Welcome to the website of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the School of Industrial Engineering.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, nowadays, is made up of a mosaic of interrelated disciplines that allow the engineer to carry out and execute designs and projects to solve the needs and technical problems of mankind. The disciplines that make up Mechanical Engineering are Kinematics and Machine Dynamics, Machine Design, Dynamic Analysis and Vibrations, Transport and Land Vehicle Engineering, Robotics and Biomechanics. The technological progress of the Sciences and, in short, the progress of humanity is forcing the engineer of our time to specialise in one of the scientific branches mentioned above. Although without any doubt, the Mechanical Engineer is a designer and creator of technical projects, with a vast knowledge in the previous disciplines, with the capacity to abstract the general concepts of the Pure Sciences, to be applied in each of the scientific branches and to interrelate them with each other.


News highlights

Train Rail Hackathon 2022
As part of a series of measures aimed at universities and railway companies, UIC is launching its first global Train Rail Hackathon. The Hackathon in the European region is organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Malaga.


The international company PCE Instruments collaborates with the UMA Racing Team
The motorcycling competition team of our University, the UMA Racing Team, has recently counted with the collaboration of the company PCE Instruments. Thanks to this offer, the students of the team can enjoy additional measuring tools that will help in the manufacturing and testing stages of the new motorbike prototype with which they will participate in the next edition of the international competition MotoStudent.


XX National Congress of Mechanical Engineering

The National Congress of Mechanical Engineering is held every two years, promoted by the Spanish Association of Mechanical Engineering, AEIM.


PhD Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Efficiency
The PhD Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Efficiency is the concretion, within the new organisation established by RD 99/2011, of the will of research professors from nine different Departments teaching at the Higher Polytechnic School and the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering to create a common working space to contribute to the scientific and research work within the University of Malaga.
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