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Diffraction related files (updated May 2010)

Files for cements.

1. CIFs files for Rietveld quantitative phase analysis of cements. Click here CIFs.

2. Examples of GSAS control files (*.exp) for cements.

2.1. White Portland clinker:  clinker-CuKa12-data   and   clinker-CuKa1-data

2.2. Grey Portland clinker:   grey-clinker-CuKa1grey-clinker-Sulphoresistant-CuKa1  and  grey-clinker-synchrotron
2.3. Portland cement type I:  52-5N and  42-5R   (CuKa1)
2.4. Portland cement type II:  32-5BL  (CuKa1)
2.5. Portland cements with fly ash and slags (plus Al2O3): CEM_fly-ash  and CEM_slag  (CuKa1)
2.6. Examples for the Round Robin 2009: click here

2.7. Example for laboratory belite cements (both LXRPD and SXRPD): click here

2.8. Example for a calcium aluminate cement: click here

Tutorial for GSAS-EXPGUI.

Click here for tutorial PPT

Click here for sample preparation talk PPT

Click here for RQPA talk PPT

Other files.

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