Vicerectorate for Faculty and Academic Planning

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  • Chantal Pérez Hernández

    Vice-Chancellor for Undergraduate Studies

    Dña. María Chantal Pérez Hernández

    Curriculum vitae

    Tel: 952131038  E-mail:

    Pabellón de Gobierno. Campus Universitario de El Ejido. 29071 Málaga


Technical and administrative units:


a) Coordinate and supervise the development, approval and accreditation of degree course curricula

b) Design and implement  teaching plans which encourage teaching excellence

c) Programme and coordinate the teaching of degree courses

d) Coordinate and supervise the management processes related to the planning and development of  degree course teaching

e) Coordinate and supervise the processes related to the renewal of degree course accreditation

f)  Undertake the planning, support and monitoring of the evaluation of degrees

g) Coordinate the systems of internal quality assurance for degrees

h) Coordinate and monitor improvement plans

i) Coordinate relations with affiliated Centres regarding academic matters

j) Establish guidelines for the design and management of support tools for virtual teaching and technological laboratories related to degree courses

k) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions to be undertaken by  the technical and administrative sections and teaching and research support facilities  affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

l) Any other functions expressly attributed by the Chancellor

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