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Traditionally, the different disciplines that deal with both criminal phenomena and the public policies that attempt to address them, conceive criminal legislation as a previously given element. As a consequence of this, no attention is usually paid to the procedures for drawing up criminal legislation or to the various factors involved which, although fundamental, usually escape in-depth and systematic study.

In recent years, however, there has been an increase in the interest of experts in the drafting of criminal law. The growing irrationality of this type of legislation can no longer be approached solely through interpretative or critical means but it requires a profound approach to decision-making processes.

The Group of Studies on Criminal Legislative Policy was created to give substance to the interest on the creation of criminal law from a multidisciplinary perspective. Through the creation of an expert discussion forum that brings together professionals related to Political Science, Criminology, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Public Policy Evaluation, Journalism, Sociology, etc., the aim is to identify strengths and weaknesses and, ultimately, to contribute to the achievement of a more rational criminal legislation.

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