Mission, Vision and Values

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The University of Málaga is a public institution which produces and transfers knowledge while providing higher education services through the teaching staff and research tasks in a setting that features technological, cultural, and tourist activities. It was founded in 1972 after a sequence of initiatives put forth by a social movement that finally became an established platform: “Amigos de la Universidad de Málaga” (University of Málaga Friends). It is a dynamic and innovative University that has come to be socially recognized for its prestige and leadership; its open and participatory nature; its commitment to achieving a status of quality, excellence and to lifelong learning; its integration into the European Higher Education and Research Area; its concern for student employability and, thus, links to the business world, Andalusia's Technology Park and public sector; its outstanding competitive position at regional, national and international levels; and, its focus on a global knowledge society.


> Social responsibility.
> Equality.
> Sustainability.
> Internationalisation.
> Emplyability.
> Freedom of thought and critical awareness.
> Multicultural Relations.


1º A University recognised for its excellence in the teaching-learning process.
2º A University recognised for its excellence in research, knowledge transfer and innovation.
3º A University that guarantees personal and professional growth, equality and a work-life balance.
4º A University that preserves its patrimony as it develops a university campus based on sustainability, adaptation to the city and future prospects.
5º A University aware of technology, the environment, the economy, society, history and culture, and that bases its actions on principles of social responsibility.
6º A University of reference, inclusive, intercultural, strategically situated in Málaga, with national and international reach, and open to students and professionals worldwide.
7º A University strategically linked to other universities, institutions, and companies to develop and consolidate a Campus of Excellence.

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