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The Civic Constellation Project



This section gathers team publications, namely joint publications by team members. For individual contributions, even when part of the project, please see the members’ websites and their personal webpages.


Rosario López and José María Rosales, eds., Interdisciplinarity and Methodological Pluralism: The Practice of Intellectual History and Conceptual History, special issue of Global Intellectual History

Articles by Nathan Alexander, Sinkwan Cheng, Luis de Miranda and Emile Chabal, Neil Foxlee, Javier Gil, Jan Ifversen, Rosario López, Kari Palonen, José María Rosales, Vasileios Syros


Kari Palonen and José María Rosales, eds., Parliamentarism and Democratic Theory: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Opladen-Berlin-Toronto: Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2015, 324 pages)

Chapters by Enrico Biale, Félix Blanc, Hubertus Buchstein, Joris Gijsenbergh, Javier Gil, Taru Haapala, Anna Kronlund, Jussi Kurunmäki, Rosario López, Anthoula Malkopoulou, Kari Palonen, José María Rosales, Maija Setälä, Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark

Marta Postigo and Rosario López, eds., Ideas and Realities of Democracy: Meeting the Challenges of Contemporary Citizenship, Contrastes: Revista Internacional de Filosofía, supplement 20, 220 pages

Articles by Jan Harald Alnes, Roar Anfinsen, Anat Ascher, Christophe Barbey, Pieter Bevelander and Anders Hellström, Melina Duarte, Jennifer Eagleton, Paloma García-Díaz, Jonas Jakobsen, Robert W. T. Martin, Marta Postigo


Jan Harald Alnes and Manuel Toscano, eds., Varieties of Liberalism: Contemporary Challenges (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014, xxxii + 306 pages)

Chapters by Jan Harald Alnes, Rafael Cejudo, Ana Isabel Dapena Sieiro, Melina Duarte, Paloma García-Díaz, Tore Kristian Haaland, Jonas Jakobsen, Tomasz Jarymowicz, Rosario López, Arne Overrein, Marta Postigo, Øyvind Stokke, Manuel Toscano

Kari Palonen, José María Rosales and Tapani Turkka, eds., The Politics of Dissensus: Parliament in Debate (Santander and Madrid: Cantabria University Press and McGraw-Hill, 2014, xvi + 521 pages)

Chapters by Anna Björk, Elena García Guitián, Taru Haapala, Pasi Ihalainen, Hanna-Mari Kivistö, Anna Kronlund, Jussi Kurunmäki, Raija-Leena Loisa, Rosario López, Anthoula Malkopoulou, Kari Palonen, Kyösti Pekonen, Onni Pekonen, Antonio Rivera, José María Rosales, Suvi Soininen, Manuel Toscano, Tapani Turkka, Tuula Vaarakallio, Claudia Wiesner


José María Rosales, ed., Concept in Focus: Liberalism's Historical Diversity, Contributions to the History of Concepts, 8:2 (2013), 67-118

Articles by Jussi Kurunmäki, Ferenc Laczó, Jeppe Nevers, José María Rosales


José María Rosales and Manuel Toscano, eds., Rhetoric, Ethics and Democracy, Res Publica: Revista de Filosofía Política, issue 27 (2012), 3-165

Articles by Irene Boragno, Taru Haapala, Hanna-Mari Kivistö, Anna Kronlund, Jussi Kurunmäki, Cristina Lasa, Rosario López, Kari Palonen, Onni Pekonen, Antonio Rivera, José María Rosales, Manuel Toscano, Tapani Turkka

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