Governing Council

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The Governing Council sets the institution's regulations and directives for strategic actions and programmes in areas related to academic planning, research, human resources, and finance.

The Governing Council of the University shall comprise:

The Rector, acting as the Chairman, the General Secretary, the General Manager and fifty members of the university community itself, of whom

a) Fifteen members shall be appointed by the Rector, including one representative of all of those sectors represented within the Senate.

b) Twenty members shall be elected by the Senate from among its members, reflecting the composition of the various sectors thereof. Specifically, 11 permanently appointed doctorate professors, 2 non-doctorate members of the teaching and research personnel, or those who hold a doctorate but are not permanently appointed, 5 students and 2 members of the administration and service personnel.

c) Twelve members shall be elected by and from among the Deans of Faculty and School Directors.

d) Three members shall be elected by and from among the Directors of Department and University Research Institutes.

The members of the Council of Governance shall furthermore include three members of the Social Council not belonging to the university community itself.

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