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The competences of the Governing Council  include in particular the following:

a) Approve and modify the Regulations in development of these Statutes wherever these have not been attributed to another body.

b) Oversee compliance with these Statutes and all other applicable regulations.

c) Oversee the effectiveness of teaching and research.

d) Administer the assets of the University.

e) Establish procedures for the authorisation and supervision of contracts as provided in Article 83 of the Organic Universities Act, by means of the corresponding Regulation.

f) Propose the University budget and multiannual programme to the Social Council.

g) Report on the implementation of new educational programmes leading to official university qualifications, and establish the University of Malaga's own qualifications.

h) Report on the creation, modification or closure of University Centres.

i) Approve the programmes of study of the various Centres for presentation before the University Coordination Council.

j) Decide as to the proposal to establish, modify or close Departments.

k) Establish the capacity of the various centres of the University of Malaga regarding the offering of places to newly registered students, and establish the corresponding admissions procedures.

l) Propose the territorial and urban arrangement of the University campus.

m) Establish the strategic lines and programmes of the University of Malaga.

n) Establish criteria for the selection, recruitment, deployment, entitlement and promotion of Administration and Service Personnel.

ñ) Approve agreements for collaboration and exchange with other Universities, Bodies or Entities, both nationally and internationally.

o) Award the University's gold medal.

p) Approve the list of employment positions for Teaching and Research Personnel and for Administration and Service Personnel.

q) Rule as to the creation of new services, or the modification or cancellation thereof, and the corresponding operational regulations.

r) Election from among its members of those who are to represent the university community on the Social Council.

s) Approve regulations for the selection, recruitment and promotion of teaching and research personnel.

t) Approve the general research plans.

u) Approve the regulations for the evaluation of academic personnel.

v) Rule as to the establishment or closure of Departmental Sections.

w) Any others attributed to it by virtue of Statutes or any other regulatory provisions.

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