Appointment Criteria

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The University of Málaga Staff Management Plan establishes a set of basic criteria for appointment of posts, so as to facilitate the decision-making process.

Academic Planning Document (DOPLA)

The Academic Planning Document (DOPLA) provides an estimate of academic involvement and teaching capacity in each field of knowledge, based on the standards established in the Teaching Staff Management Plan (POD). The DOPLA acts as a supporting document for decision-making regarding Academic Planning and Faculty Management.

Following the completion of DOPLA, an assessment of the teaching capacity for each area of knowledge, and a meeting with the workers' representative, the President's Office will establish, if applicable, the necessary modifications to the list of posts.

The DOPLA is published annually, usually before the teaching programme is developed.

Teaching Staff Coverage

Staff coverage will be met if the academic participation/teaching capacity ratio (as stated in the DOPLA), is no less than 1.

Ramón y Cajal Programme Contracts

Once the host Department puts forth the initiative for the contract, with a maximum duration of six months and a minimum of three, the procedure will begin for the creation, supply, and call for a PhD Assisstant Professor, PhD Contract Professor, or a University Senior Lecturer post, in line with the accreditation received by the contracted person and the University of Málaga's regulations on the creation, supply, and call for posts. 




Pursuant to the Royal Decree-Act 20/2011, dated 30th of December, which establishes urgent measures to correct public deficit, the Decree-Act 1/2012, dated 9th of June, which establishes tax, administrative, labour, and public finance measures to achieve a new economic and financial balanace in the Regional Council (Junta de Andalucía) and the Act 2/2012, dated 29th of June, establishing the General National Budget for 2012, the teaching staff management plan (POD) for the 2012-2013 academic year has been partially modified, affecting the basic criteria for the supply of and call for posts. Full document.



PRIORITY CRITERIA FOR UNIVERISTY TEACHING POSTS- Approved by the Governing Council on July 25, 2012.


Following UMA's Academic Planning and Faculty Committee proposal, complying with the Governing Council's mandate given in the session of June 25, 2012, an agreement was reached whereby the following priority criteria have been established regarding the supply and call for teaching and research staff promotion which, in turn, is established through the Collective Agreement and released by the Governing Council, if legally viable:

1. Give priority, when legally viable, to those cases of promotion from PhD Assistant Professor to PhD Contract Professor, and from “Ramón y Cajal” researchers to PhD Contract Professors and Univerity Senior Lecturer, as their contracts reach their expiration date.

2. Determine an order of precedence for the promotion to University Senior Lecturer, based on the following criteria:

a. In compliance with the “Collective Agreement of Contract Teaching and Research Staff in Public Andalusian Universities“, three priority lists are to be issued including the applications for a University Senior Lecturer post, to promote staff which at the time holds the position of Full-time Associate Professor, PhD Assisstant Professor, Collaborating or PhD Contract Professor, and has been certified as University Senior Lecturer between January-June, July-September, and October-December.

b. In each list, the order of applications corresponds to the date that the aformentioned title position was certified; however, if more than one application were to have this same date, the order of precedence will depend on the date of submission of such application, effectively issued by the corresponding Office, as well as the seniority, including the time dedicated as Research Personnel in Training.

3. Establish an order of precedence to access the position of University Senior Professor, based on the criteria approved by the Governing Council for the year 2011.

Likewise, and in relation to the implementation of the staff replacement rate contained in Article 23.2, Act 2/2012 on the National Busget for the year 2012, it was agreed that the supply and call for posts corresponding top the categories of University Senior Professor and/or University Senior Lecturer and/or PhD Contract Professor will be developed by the University President and submitted to the Governing Council for consultation. .

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