Publications and Scientific Dissemination Service

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Created in 2013, the Servicio de Publicaciones y Divulgación Científica (Publications and Scientific Dissemination Service), combines the old Servicio de Publicaciones e Intercambio Científico (Publications and Scientific Exchange) (SPICUM, 1974) and the new Servicio de Documentación y Divulgación Científica (Documentation and Scientific Dissemination) (SEDOC, 2007). Both organisations link and reinforce objectives, seeking to transfer to society the science generated at the university through publishing, scientific exchange and the organization of activities. On the one hand, this allows the university to present the culture of science and research results, and on the other hand, to establish direct contact between researchers and other stakeholders.

The strategic lines of this service are: the prioritization of digital publishing and the intensive use of new communication resources (social networks) as a sustainable means of content distribution; the collaboration through networks and partnerships with other institutions, promoting joint publications and joint actions in publishing and fomenting scientific events for society and lastly, to encourage higher standards and achieve international impact with regards our publications.

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