Academic Year 2020/2021

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Academic Year 2020/2021 

Please, find here our informative Fact Sheet 2020/2021 in english or spanish (updated on 17/04/2020).


The International Exchange Student Guide 2020/2021  that must be read by exchange students before their arrival in Málaga is available in English and in Spanish (updated on 27/05/2019).


 After being accepted by the Universidad de Málaga, our international exchange students MUST read very carefully our Welcome Guide 2020/2021 (updated on 18/06/2020) and follow its instructions:

Watch these online tutorials with the most relevant information about the Academic Programme, Academic Calendars and Enrollment!

1. Enrollment for exchange students:


2. Academic Programme (Teaching Guides available in Spanish): 


3. Academic Calendar (timetables, exams, groups, etc): 

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