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Creating a Career Project

The programme aims to design, create and implement a personalized career project for each of the participants.

Duration: 33 hours

Entrepreneurship and self-employment as a career option

Together with the creation of a career project, information and theoretical and practical training will be given on entrepreneurship as a career option, along with guidelines for setting up a business and information about entrepreneurial support agencies.

Duration: 30 hours

Language training:

Face-to face language courses in English, given by the Centro de Idiomas de la  Fundación General de UMA (Language Centre of the University of Malaga General Foundation). Classes are with native teachers in small groups at levels A2, B1 or B2. 

Duration: 50 hours

Training in the the use of IT tools   

Practical workshop training in the use of office IT tools

Duration: 35 hours

Employability skills   

Workshops designed for gaining and implementing skills in communication, relationship and management, skills which are key to getting and maintaining employment in the professional world

Duration: 50 hours

Training in Gender Equality legislation   

Conferences on gender equality and employment. Work and professional issues will be examined from the perspective of gender.

Duration: 5 hours

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