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ATIC Research Group was founded in 2007 by a group of researchers at Universidad de Málaga with a strong backgroung on signal processing, digital communications, image processing and electronics. The aim was to foster the research activity in applied signal processing specifically in the context of audio and music.

Since then, many research projects have been carried out. These projects include national research projects, works for private enterprises, colaborative projects with different research and industrial parterns and other activities. Your are invited to get a glimpse of these activities and the results attained by exploring our website.

Nowadays, the main research lines are the following:

  • Audio Analysis: Signal processing applied to the audio context.
  • Music Signal Analysis: Feature extraction, characterization and classification.
  • Automatic Music Transcription.
  • Automatic Music Composition: Melody generation, harmonic progressions, etc.
  • E-Learning: Signal Processing for Learning and Musical Education
  • Serious Games: Signal Processing for the Development of Serious Games
  • Brain activity and music: brain signal analysis during the development of musical tasks.

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