Higher School of Industrial Engineering

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 School of Industrial Engineering

The School of Industrial Engineering, was founded in 1990. In the current structure of teaching, within the framework of the European Higher Education Area, training in industrial engineering is offered with the degree in Industrial Technology Engineering, which trains generalist engineers in the field of industry. It also gives direct access to the Master’s in Industrial Engineering, allowing access to the regulated profession of Industrial Engineering.


> Industrial Technologies

> Energy Engineering

> Industrial Management Engineering

> Electronics, Robotics and Mechatronics

Degrees in process of elimination:

> Access to the teaching programme

Master’s degrees:

> Master’s in Mechatronic Engineering

> Máster en Ingeniería Industrial

> Máster en Hidráulica Ambiental


Director: Juan Jesús Fernández Lozano

Address: Calle Doctor Ortiz Ramos s/n (Campus de Teatinos) 29071 Málaga

Reception- Tel: 951 95 23 50  
Secretary’s office - Tel: 951 95 24 00


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