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As stated in Article 73 of the Doctoral Studies Regulations of the University of Málaga, prior to its defense every PhD thesis must have at least two evaluation reports produced by external reviewers.

External reviewers cannot be in any situation that represents incompatibility or conflict of interest with the PhD student or with the thesis work. In particular, reviewers cannot be relatives of the PhD student, nor co-authors of any of the publications directly derived from the thesis work. In case you are in any of these situations, or have doubts about possible conflict of interest, please contact the UMA PhD Administrative Office ( as soon as possible.

The review reports should be prepared according to this review formbe submitted in less than one month from the appointment as reviewer notification, and should contain a detailed review of the thesis, including comments and possible suggestions for improvements as well as a rating, similar to that used in the process of peer-reviewed scientific articles:

  • Accept
  • Minor changes
  • Major changes
  • Revise and re-submit


The rating given depends on the type of comments made by the reviewer and the time the expert considers that the doctoral student needs to carry out the suggested changes: less than 1 month for minor changes, less than three months for major changes. If the external reviewer considers that the doctoral student needs more than three months to incorporate the suggested changes, the evaluation must be negative (Revise and re-submit).

This rating must be properly justified in the report, based on the comments made on the thesis.

Once the reports are received, the University Postgraduate Studies Committee will send them to the PhD student, to his tutor, to the thesis supervisor, and to the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program. These reports will accompany the documentation associated with the defense of the thesis throughout the process.

Based on the received comments, the PhD student is expected to prepare a new version of the thesis that incorporates the modifications they deem appropriate. A report with the modifications made and how they address the comments made in the review reports will be provided too. Such a report should have the approval of the thesis supervisor.

Should any of the reports be negative (Revise and re-submit), the tutor and the PhD supervisor must unanimously decide whether to continue with the defense of the thesis or not. If they decline to continue, the process is considered completed and will need to start over.

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Thank you very much for your help and co-operation in this matter.

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