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What is the Spin-Off Programme?

The Spin-Off Programme is an initiative of the Vice-Rectorate of University Coordination. The aim of the Programme is to encourage entrepreneurial activity among students at the University of Malaga and help create new, innovative companies offering competitive products, processes or services. As a result, this will generate employment and the expansion and modernization of the economic structure in the province of Malaga.


> Who can participate in the Spin-Off contest?

The contest is aimed at:

Students and university graduates of the UMA. This includes students in the last two years of their degree course and graduates who have graduated in the last two years (including post graduates and own degree holders). The contest is for those students and graduates who have devised a business project which would create innovation and diversification in the business sector or entry into new market segments.

Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) / Research Groups, whose business project is based on the exploitation of research results, technologies or technological services developed at the University.

Companies created in the current year may also participate if they meet the above conditions.


 > Can projects be presented by more than one person?

 Projects submitted in the call for the Spin-Off awards may be presented by an individual or by a team.


> Can more than one project be submitted?



> Must the business plan be presented in detail in order to participate in the contest?

The aim of the UMA is to support the entrepreneurial spirit of the university community. It is not therefore necessary to have a fully developed business plan. However, you must present an explanatory summary of the business idea in the form entitled FORMULARIO. 


> What criteria does the jury use in order to select the projects?

- The degree of novelty and creativity of the product, service or process

-The degree of maturity and viability

- Incorporation of elements of innovation and technological development

- The volume of employment the project would create and planned investments

- The abilities and multidisciplinary skills of the business team (training, experience, management skills etc.)

- Other information considered relevant to the assessment of the project.


 > What kind of projects can take part in the Spin-Off Programme contest?

The contest aims to increase innovative projects that provide more competitive products and processes. In this sense, any business idea which is economically viable and attractive for society can participate in the contest.


> Is information about the projects protected under a confidentiality clause?

 Yes. Throughout the process the information provided is treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data. However, the University of Malaga may publish the general ideas of the projects and the names of the promoter(s).


 > Is there a certain time period for getting the initiative underway if a project is given an award in the business creation Spin-Off contest?

The University of Malaga monitors and supports the winning business projects. It aims to get the business underway during the year in question, working on the development and implementation of the projects and advising and providing specialist support on, among others, fiscal, financial and legal matters.  However, the optimal time to create the company will be dictated by the trajectory of each project, although everything will be done to ensure that the company is set up during the year that support is given.

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