Contract Signing

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Once the resolutions regarding contracting Associate Professors, Assistants, Assistant PhD Professors or Contract PhD Professors have been published on the Notice Board of the Government Building of the University of Malaga, the selected candidates must formalise the contract within ten working days, after the resolution is released. The contract is formalised in the Management Department of Contracted Teaching and Research Staff (Unidad de Gestión de PDI Contratado) on the first floor of the Government Building.

Contracts will take administrative and economic effect on the first working day after the signing of the contract.


Documentation to be submitted:

 * List of documents

 * Department certified schedule model (If compatible)


In case there are further doubts or queries, please contact the staff authorised to conclude contracts via the following telephone number and e-mail addresses:

 * 952 13 10 35 -

 * 952 13 65 83 -

Contracts can be signed from 09:00 – 13:30

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