Honorary Fellows

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Following a proposal by the University Departments The University of Malaga can appoint as Honorary Fellows renowned professionals of Spanish or foreign nationality who work outside the University of Malaga for a renewable term of one academic year, as a way of complementing teaching and research tasks.

Its honorary status excludes any economic, administrative, or labour rights granted by the University of Málaga. 

In accordance with the Honorary Fellowship Regulations of the University of Malaga, the Vice Rectorate for Teaching and Academic Planning will allow a period, corresponding to the period during which study programmes are developed, to formalize requests for new appointments as well as renewals. 

 * Honorary Fellowship Regulations of the University of Malaga (Approved by the Governing Council 25/06/2012)


Honorary Fellowship appointments for the academic year 2015/2016

Once the Vice Rectorate for Teaching and Academic Planning has established the period for the formalization of proposals for new appointments and renewals of Honorary Fellowships for the academic year 2015/2016, the Departments will be informed on this matter by post and email in April or May 2015.


Honorary Fellowship appointments for RETIRED TEACHERS of the University of Malaga 

Retired teachers, or those in an equivalent situation, can request an Honorary Fellowship at whatever time. The request must come from the party concerned and the corresponding Department, in accordance with the established model. The appointment will be valid indefinitely, unless expressly revoked, on the basis of the agreements drawn up by the Governing Council on 13th March and 25th October 2013.

Governing Council - 13th March 2013: It was agreed to authorize the appointment as Honorary Fellow, all teachers at the University of Malaga who are retired or in a equivalent situation, upon request of concerned party and the corresponding department.

Governing Council - 25 October 2013: It was agreed that the Vice Rectorate for Teaching and Academic Planning have the competence to grant Honorary Fellowships to retired teachers (or those in an equivalent situation) of the University of Malaga, in accordance with the agreement of the Governing Council dated March 13th  2013. The effects of these appointments will remain valid indefinitely unless expressly revoked, and will take place after the date on which the proposals from the respective departments are received by the Vice Rectorate for Academic Planning and Teaching.


 * Application form for retired teachers of the University of Malaga to apply for appointment as Honorary Fellow 


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