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The Job Placement Service acts as an employment agency for people who are looking for work. These are mainly graduates and university students. Jobseekers upload details of their education, work experience, language skills etc. on the ICARO application. 

Companies and institutions register the positions they wish to fill on the ICARO application. The offers are checked by ACUMA, then published and circulated to jobseekers .

Jobseekers apply for the jobs they are interested in and the Job Placement Service staff checks the profile of the applicant against the job offer. If the applicant is not considered suitable for the job, the Job Placement Service will explain the reason why.

Curriculums which match the requirements of the job are sent to the company. The company then contacts the candidates they consider most suitable. They may invite the applicant for an interview or ask them to do a test.

After the recruitment process has finished, companies must send an email to ACUMA, with the details of the successful applicant, the job start date, and type and duration of the contract.

Data provided by the companies will be processed for statistical studies and included in the activities report.


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