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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)


 > How do I subscribe to Icaro?

 Go to and click Enter. Then you must register as a Student / Job Seeker, choose a username and password and enter all your personal details (do not forget your education, work experience, languages and computer skills). If you have any questions you can go to the Careers Advisory Service and they will help you. Finally, you must send an email to or a FAX to: 952 13 71 11, attention of ACUMA, with a copy of your degree certificate or provisional degree certificate so that we can accredit your qualification.


> How do I register to apply for a job with the Job Placement Service?

 You should send an email to In the Subject field of your email you should write the code of the job offer you are interested in. In your message you must include your Tax ID number (NIF), including the letter of your Tax ID number.


 > How do I know if I have registered correctly for the job offer?

 If you do not receive a message saying there was an error in your preregistration, then you have registered correctly. If there is a problem with your CV, we will write to you at the email address from which you sent us your application. We will tell you what the problem is and offer a possible solution.


 > When will the company contact me?

 The curriculums are sent to the company and a preliminary selection is made.  If you have been chosen in the preliminary selection, the company will contact you and tell you when you have to attend a personal interview.


 > When does my subscription to the Icaro Job Placement Service end?

 If after six months there has been no update to your curriculum on Icaro, you will be sent an email telling you that you have been removed from the Job Placement Service. To renew your subscription, simply click on the link given to you in the email or update your curriculum.


> I cancelled my subscription to the Icaro Job Placement Service. How do I reactivate my subscription?

 If you have cancelled your subscription to Icaro and would like to receive job offers, go to Log in with your username and password and click on the Bolsa de empleo (Job offers) box, accept the terms of the Job Placement Service, and finally click on Guardar y Aceptar (Save and Accept).


> Do I have to pay to use the Icaro Job Placement Service of the University of Malaga?

 No. The service is a free public service for job seekers and businesses.

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