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ACUMA enables companies and organizations to advertise their vacancies to a large database of university-educated human resources completely free of charge via the ICARO application.


Submit a job offer

Companies, institutions, associations and self-employed workers can send their job offers to the Employment Service, who will take on the management of the vacant positions.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Companies must register first of all on the Icaro application. Vacant positions can be advertised on ICARO at:
  2. From the menu Bolsa de Empleo (Vacancies), choose Nueva oferta (New offer) and submit the information relating to the job.
  3. Once the information has been submitted, the job offer passes through a review stage and is then published and disseminated among our users.
  4. The applications received from candidates are filtered and the curriculums are then sent to the company for consideration.
  5. In order to update statistical data, the company must email the Employment Service with the result of selection process, stating the person chosen for the position, the start date and duration of the contract.

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