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Teatinos is the heart of the University, comprising most of the schools and services. As a modern and functional campus, it is an example of Málaga's young lifestyle and a well connected area to the city centre.

The recent expansion and development undergone in Teatinos inluded the construction of cutting-edge facilities and laboratories to carry out high quality research and technological projects, thus assuring higher education provision at our University.

Furthermore, it is a social campus comprising a wide range of services and sites: Sports, Library, Botanical Garden, Housing, Pre-Elementary School, and other facilities related to Culture and Science.

1. López Penalver Lecture Room Building
2. Faculty of Medicine
3. General Library
4. Publications Service
5. Rosa Galvez Lecture Room Building
6. Faculty of Law
7. University Sports Centre
8. Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering
9. Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering
10. Central Research Support Service (Servicio Centrales de Apoyo a la Investigación) (SCAI)
11. Central Computing Service (Servicio Central de Informática) (SCI)
12. R & D Building
13. Faculty of Science
14. Waste Recycling Centre
15. Botanical Garden Building - University Information Service
16. Botanical Garden
17. Faculty of Humanities
18. Faculty of Educational Sciences
19. Faculty of Psychology
20. Severo Ochoa Lecture Room Building
21. Faculty of Tourism
22. Faculty of Communication Sciences
23. Gerald Brenan Lecture Room Building
24. Francisca Luque Nursery School
25. Juan Antonio Ramírez Rodríguez Lecture Room Building
26. Health and Medical Research Centre (Centro de Investigaciones Médico-Sanitarias) (CIMES)
28. Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers
29. Higher Polytechnic College
30. Faculty of Social and Labour Sciences
31. Faculty of Commerce and Management
32. Governing Council Building [Project]
33. Faculty of Health Sciences
34. Faculty of Psychology [Project]


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