Recommended Profile, Requirements and Merit Scale

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Doctoral Programme of Advanced Studies in Humanities

Specialisations in History, Art, Philosophy and Ancient Sciences



Recommended Profile

The Academic Committee is responsible for viewing and reporting on all applications for admission. These are grouped into two categories: direct access through an official Master's degree with a research profile or from other equivalent doctoral programmes, with the Diploma of Advanced Studies or approved doctoral courses, and indirect access through official professional or qualifying Master's degrees. In any of these cases, access will be possible by fulfilling the requirements of the scale. 

1 Direct access to the Doctoral Programme of Advanced Studies in Humanities:

a) For those students coming from the following official Master's degrees (the list will be updated):

Master's Degree in Archaeology and Heritage: Science and Profession [the last academic year was 2011/2012].

b) Related or equivalent official qualifications (Master's degrees with a research profile) from any university will also be considered.

c) From other equivalent doctoral programmes with a Diploma of Advanced Studies or approved doctoral courses.

2  Indirect access to the Doctoral Programme Advanced Studies in Humanities.

For students with the following Bachelor's degrees (Licenciado or Grado), who have also completed a professional or qualifying master's degree:

bFor students from other degrees in the humanities and social sciences, who have also taken an official professional or qualifying Master's degree. 

cIndirect access will be granted during the first year of enrollment on the doctoral programme, by taking the specific training  complements. These are 12 ECTS credits from one of the University of Malaga's own degrees or from one of the official Master's degrees associated with the programme, offered only to students on the doctoral programme. These complements are an introduction to research activity.


Requirements and Merit Scale

The Academic Committee will select the applicants onto the Doctoral Programme in Advanced Studies in Humanities by weighing the merits on the following access scale: 

1  60% of the overall mark will come from the academic record of the Bachelor's (Licenciado or Grado) and/or Master's degree, taking into account the criteria of the access profiles, with adjustment coefficients of 1 for the aforementioned degrees, 0.75 for the rest of the humanities degrees, 0.50 for social sciences degrees, and 0.25 for the rest of the degrees.

2 40% of the overall score will come from the assessment of the following criteria:

a) The curriculum vitae of the applicants. In particular, if they have a research grant (FPU, FPI, project research grant or similar).

b) The suitability of the studies that allow access to the third cycle in relation to the subject of the proposed doctoral research.

c) The interest for the faculty of the line of research in which the applicants wish to carry out their work, by means of a report, if deemed necessary, from the corresponding departments, centres and thesis supervisors.

d) The coherence of the planned thesis topics, where appropriate, with the lines of research of the doctoral programme.

e) The availability of research staff at the University of Malaga with accredited research experience to tutor the thesis proposals requested by the applicants.

f) The availability of the necessary resources for the research work proposed by the applicants.

g) Other merits related to research.

3  It is recommended that when filling in the pre-enrollment application on the electronic application, all the relevant information for the merit scale should be provided.

4 The Academic Committee will evaluate all applications that meet the academic and administrative requirements for pre-enrolment. In order to be admitted, it will be necessary to have obtained a mark equal to or higher than six points after applying the scale, although the final decision will depend on the number of places available and the number of candidates who meet this requirement.

5 Candidates may be interviewed in person.

In view of the different administrative time frames for Master's degrees, given that it is possible to submit final Master's theses up to the month of December, the programme divides access into two phases: the first in September-October and the second in the following months, approximately February.

Furthermore, given that the programme is made up of four lines of research, 15% of the places in each of the lines will initially be guaranteed for students from these specialities, which may be modified if they are not filled, also in accordance with the access scale.

Important note: The Academic Committee of the Programme in plenary session on 2nd and 3rd October 2017 has decided that it is compulsory to fill in the boxes indicated on the Information document for the assessment of the "other merits" component that is included in the online application and, likewise, to document each and every one of the merits that are indicated.

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