Conferencia Self-Supervised Learning for Sports Pose Recognition/Classification

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CONFERENCIANTE: Adam Herout professor at the Brno University of Technology.

FECHA: 25 de abril de 2023, 17:00

LUGAR: Aula 3.1.1. ETSI Informática
Fecha publicación: 2023-04-24



FECHA: 24 de abril de 2023, 17:00

LUGAR: Aula 3.3.1. ETSI Informática
Fecha publicación: 23/04/2023

Title: Self-Supervised Learning for Sports Pose Recognition/Classification.

Abstract: We intend to help athletes with correct practice in sports poses. For that, we are developing algorithms of efficient/cheap classification of sports poses in real time on mobile devices. The poses should be learned in a few-shot manner. This leads to exploration of self-supervised learning methods and specific datasets and their processing. The talk might be interesting not only for someone interested in sports data processing, but for anyone interested in deep learning, few-shot learning and self-supervised learning..

BIO (short)Adam Herout professor at the Brno University of Technology

Adam Herout ( is a full professor at the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Republic. His research interests include computer vision and its applications, mostly focused on surveillance, intelligent traffic systems, and sports video processing. Adam Herout loves stories and fairy tales.


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