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Recommended Profiles for Applicants

In order to enroll in the program, the following profile is recommended.

  • Degrees in the field of Economics and Business, essentially a degree in Economics, Business, Finance, Marketing and/or a degree in Public Management.
  • Any Master’s Degree in the field of Economics and Business, with a focus on research.
  • A degree in the field of Social Sciences, Mathematics or Engineering


Skills and Abilities

The recommended profile to enroll in this program is that of a student capable of solving a large variety of problems in the fields of Economics and Business, with skills to evaluate the behavior of economic agents. Knowledge of the techniques in the fields of data analysis, statistics and mathematical analysis is very useful throughout the doctoral program.


Previous Knowledge

A theoretical background in the fields of Economics and Business is recommended, together with an understanding of the economic frameworks and empirical techniques used in these fields.



Given that English is the international language of science, its knowledge is highly recommended. The University of Malaga and the doctoral program offer courses that can help students improve their proficiency in this language.


Compulsory courses for other profiles

If your profile is not the one recommended for enrollment in the Program, you will be required to take a series of additional compulsory courses that will vary depending on your specific profile.

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