Vice-Chancellor for Strategic Projects

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  • Vice-Chancellor for Strategic Projects

    D. Víctor Fernando Muñoz Martínez


    Tel: 951952781 E-mail:

    Edificio Bioinnovación. C/Severo Ochoa 34, 29590 Málaga



Unidades administrativas:

  • Vicerrectorado de Proyectos Estratégicos



    a) Design and develop institutional projects for the University’s tactical positioning in coordination with government bodies and units involved in a specific sphere of each project

    b) Design and track action plans and strategies in coordination with other public and private entities, as well as clusters and business associations

    c) Design and monitor plans and strategies with other organs and entities to establish a university model integrated with vocational training and enterprises

    d) Create and participate in networks and consortia aimed at building bridges of international excellence in coordination with government bodies competent in this area

    e) Promote policies to encourage international positioning of universities in innovation, in coordination with vice chancellorships competent in this area

    f) Plan, direct, and comprehensively monitor projects related to the Campus of Excellence in which the University participates

    g) Promote and support company training programmes, in coordination with vice chancellorships  competent in the field of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies, as well as in double or joint degrees undertaken with national or international universities

    h) Develop programmes to attract talent, in coordination with vice chancellorships competent in the area, in order to attract  experienced teachers, professionals and researchers  and with the specific aim of creating or improving  lines of teaching, research and innovation

    i) Design, in coordination with vice chancellorships with competence in the field of education and training in companies, dual training plans with other universities and national and foreign companies

    j) Establish policies, with the support of vice chancellorships competent in the field, the formation of consortia for collaborative projects in order to implement the concept of open innovation communities as a tool for knowledge transfer

    k) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions required of the technical and administrative units and teaching and research support structures affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

    l) Any other functions expressly attributed by the Chancellor

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